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With a grateful heart, thank you for your support and help to our company in the past.

Thank you for giving us confidence and courage in this industry, which is enjoying the harvest and joy from it.

Never forget where our happiness comes from. We understand that every bit of progress and success achieved by Wenzhou Xingjian Company is inseparable from your attention, trust, support and participation.

We will continue to help with your playground project from a professional perspective. Each of your inquiries will get a reply within 12 hours. To avoid entering the spam box, please add [имэйлээр хамгаалагдсан] to your email list or leave your phone number. In case of an emergency, please feel free to call us.

Business Hours: Monday-Friday (9AM-6PM)
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Компани: Wenzhou XingJian Play Toys Co., Ltd.

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Mob: + 86-18958815569

WhatsApp: + 86-13968951980

И-мэйл: [имэйлээр хамгаалагдсан]

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